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Anonymous inquired:

Sorry for bothering you, but do you know how to distinguish Churi's birds from each other? I get confused with their names >.<


^^ oh, yes, I can. I think they are mostly easy, except for Pucho and Popo (since their plumage are almost the same except the hue)

Okay, let’s begin from the easiest one, Papi


Papi has yellow plumage, orange forehead. there is zero possibility to mistake Papi with the others. Except maybe the next one, Popuru (which is also yellow) but Popuru is a cockatiel, so it has a crest on its head and an orange hue by the cheek:


Notice the hue on the cheeks


Now let us move to the trickier part as we go to the green birds. XD

First is the easiest one to distinguish, Pino. it has a bright plumage by its forehead and neck. Bright as in pink almost white plumage especially by the chest. So it is easy to distinguish Pino.


Now here is the HARDEST part. Even I don’t always guess it right or quite unsure of this because these other two totally depends on the degree of their hue. Here they are Pucho and Popo. Both has green plumage and deep orange on their forehead and neck.


Pucho is the one on the left, Popo is the one on the right. I am taking this picture as a reference because you can really see the difference of the green plumage from both of the birds. Popo has darker green hue while Pucho has brighter green plumage.

It will be trickier with shots like this:


(from left to right in the front line: Papi, Pucho, Pino, and the furthest is Popo) As you can see (if you can), Pucho has brighter green plumage while Popo has a really dark green wings, to make it easier. It looks totally different if we compared it with the color of their chests.

and here is the video from Akane’s old G+ on the four old birds:

I hope that helps! :D

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By SINcere @シン

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

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my Churi !!

my Airin !!

my askdjaklsjdlkasjdlkasjlkdajkdljalksdjklas

my furuyanagi *_____*

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I will worship the creator of this poem

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You’re missing out if you havent added me on snapchat

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Remember that one time Rina and the others came up with idol-like names?  I just remembered and there were all sorts of real cute names that popped into my head. Rinacchi, Lychii, Sora-tan….but with cross it’s Cross-kun…..’__’

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This is like, the perfect family photo. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Husband+ Wife + Daughter + Daughter-in-Law

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